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Porter Leading Red Hot Hoyas

February 28, 2013

The Hoyas have been rolling since late January after a 61-58 loss to South Florida able to get through the Big East.  Compiling 10 wins a row is no large feat for any Big East team and the 2 OT win last night at Connecticut might be the most impressive win yet for the Hoyas.  The Hoyas have been very staunch but it also seems that the Hoyas sophomore forward Otto Porter Jr. is wheeling through Big East teams like it is nothing.  Porter’s stats are ridiculous when you look at his playing time and his overall efficiency ratings, what is most telling in the past 10 games is his effort.  Porter, who I would consider the leader of the Hoyas and more specifically in the last 3 games.

Porter in his 17 starts this season has produced 258 points and has averaged 15.7 points per game.  In the last three games against Depaul, Syracuse, and Connecticut he has averaged 22 points a game and logged nearly 36.3 minutes a game.  For the season he has averaged about 32.5 minutes per game but in the last three games he has seen an average of 44 minutes in 132 minutes and more time plus more opportunities to lead the Hoyas.

His field goal percentage has also benefited as well on the season he is shooting 51.7 % on field goals now he has increased that percentage to 56.7% in the last three games.

Currently, the Hoyas are listed with the 18th best basketball power index in the country and with a record of 22-4.  This gives the Hoyas the potential to make a run in the Big East tournament and land a #1 seed for the Hoyas entering the tournament, if they do this then they will be heavily favored going into March Madness.

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