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Wizards Making Magic at Verizon

February 7, 2013

Most Wizards fans will agree that the start to the season which included an abnormally long losing streak of 12 losses, is normal for this franchise regardless of any improvements made during the regular season.  Getting into the postseason has been a rare thing for the franchise as well in recent years.  Even during the playoff runs of the Arenas, Butler, and Jamison era it seemed that those teams were destined for inferiority.  However more recently, the Wizards have been able to string some wins together and are slowly improving and are showing the true promise of a young team.

Sure I might be short-sighted by the 13 wins and 35 losses on their overall record and maybe their way-less-than-stellar 3-21 road record is a huge indicator of how terrible the franchise is currently.  After looking at the roster and coaches one could say this team is where they deserve to be, however, that is the job of the general manager.  Ultimately, the job of the general manager is to ensure the players are performing in a system conducive to create a winner out of young and interchangeable veterans.  Sometimes it seems as if the Wizards are making some progress, this is a long and challenging road in the NBA.

Encouraging are the signs of improved performance at home against elite teams.  The Verizon Center has been home to some terrible Wizards teams over the years and some average at best.  This year’s team has played 24 games at Verizon and while they only have won 10 of those games nothing seems more promising than the improvement the team has made.  With recent wins against the Knicks, Clippers, Thunder, Magic and the Bulls who knows what is in store for the 2014 Wizards.  Even though it is a little bit encouraging it is better than what the fans of this franchise have endured following the Arenas drama of a few years ago.

Who knows maybe next year with a fully healthy offseason of prep for John Wall and Bradley Beal the Wizards could be impressive?  Retaining Randy Wittman could be the key but also for once maybe Ernie Grunfeld’s plan for the Wizards and the future of professional basketball in the District will be validated.

Time will tell.

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