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DC Sports Guys 2013 Power Rankings

January 23, 2013

The Redskins season is over and the Nationals season is set to start in just a couple months.  The Capitals just set off on a lockout-shortened season and the Wizards are building momentum for the remainder of the season.  How these teams move forward will help resonate in their overall success.  Now for power rankings of the top 4 teams.

#4 – 

Washington Wizards 

After stumbling out of the gate and mostly due to notable injuries to Nene and John Wall. The Wizards have roared back in the last 7 games and are 9-30 after starting the season out just 4-28.  The Wizards have gained a lot from the improved play of John Wall in his 3rd season as a Wizard.  However, the duration of this winning streak remains to be seen.  The history of a team that has been historically bad is ever present.  Although, with a healthy John Wall and a seemingly positive attitude the Wizards have been unstoppable recently.


Washington Capitals – Even though they have been a robust 0-2 in the early part of this lockout-shortened season have all the talent and competitiveness to rise above their current place in the Southeast Standings.  Unfortunately they have been mired by inconsistent goalie play early in the NHL season as Holtby has given up 11 goals in the Capitals first 2 games.  However, do not expect Oates to keep Neuvirth caged up for too long.  If the Capitals can not out shoot their opponents then we may see a return to Neuvirth for the remainder of the season.

#2 – 

Washington Redskins 

After starting out 3-6 and out of the conversation of the playoff race.  The Redskins willed their way to a 7 game winning streak, the NFC East division title, and their 1st home playoff game since the 1999 season.  The injury caused to Robert Griffin III may be the most critical ingredient for future success of the organization.  Should Robert Griffin III return after a successful surgery and the Redskins get off lucky, fans should hope that the Shanahan’s take a smarter approach to handling Roberts capacities on the field.  If Robert does not return to a healthy form, expect an altered offense to the capacities of Kirk Cousins, the Redskins backup.  It should be noted that this is not Robert’s first go with an ACL injury as he suffered one in 2009 at Baylor.  The bigger question remains can Mike and Kyle successfully orchestrate an offense in the off season tailored to this situation, we will see.

And the #1 team…

Washington Nationals 

Even though we are just still weeks away from having pitchers and catchers report for MLB Spring Training, the Nationals go into the season with a healthy roster and come off an NL East dominating season.  Even though the Nats traded Michael Morse, a huge ingredient for the Nationals offensive successes in each of the last 4 seasons  the Nationals were able to bring in 2 pitching prospects as part of the deal to send him back to Seattle.  The other part of the Nationals off season story was the signing of Rafael Soriano, re-signing of Adam LaRoche and the trade that landed Denard Span in the Nationals outfield.  All of these ingredients will be essential to the success for the Nationals in 2013.


Wizards – While it is still fathomable that the Wizards could make a playoff run it is quite possible to remain skeptical about the future.  Ernie Grunfeld as a GM is still part of the Wizards franchise and they have yet to see a pay-off for it besides the current successes that the team has produced.  Grunfeld’s record as a GM is now a paltry 293-468.

Capitals – The season is still young, but Oates may have to make a change quicker than anticipated if Holtby continues to give up goals like an undeveloped youth soccer player.  It should also be noted the Capitals have been out shot 73-64 in these 2 losses.  The Capitals have the potential to play much better and notably so after beating the Rangers in the NHL playoffs last year.  They must return to their standard season dominating form in order to make a real push for the Stanley Cup.

Redskins – An NFC East title, a home playoff game, and an incredibly talented and gifted pair of rookie quarterback and running back and Redskins have not felt such euphoria since 2005 when the Redskins ended the season with a six game winning streak and beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Nationals – Nationals are thinking big as they won the NL East for the first time and made Nationals Park the place to be in October.  They also spent the entire off season revamping the roster and tweaking it to help Davey Johnson go out on a high note after this season.  With a healthy Strasburg and Harper set to play in their first full seasons, expect the Nationals to be the number one franchise in D.C. for years to come.

Expectations often super cede actual results but DC was a sports Meccah in 2012.  Will 2013 bring the same?


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