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Uncovering the Latest Sports Craze – Coach My Clip

November 17, 2012

Youtube has been a huge success in the online media content production industry for years now.  When I came across this website I figured it would be the same thing.  As it turns out I was wrong.

CMC is an online video browsing website that specializes in categorizing sports-related videos.  One of the most interesting features that online users of CMC have is the ability to specialize their video for comments.  This helps give the website a more personal feel to it.  Also, CMC does a good job of using categories to classifying each video.

Categorizing allows the website users to achieve organizational structure in generating online views and comments.  This feature helps it make a very attractive tool for recreational users and could be utilized by strength, technique-improvement, and personal trainers too.

Not only is it a great tool to categorize your own videos but this website enables coaches to coach you up.  It is a great too for improving a golf swing, tennis serve, or your dance moves.  CMC enables the user to publicize his/her content for positive, constructive criticism from a coach.  On top of it all, CMC is a free website for its users.

Like I said, if you are experiencing a bump in the road in sports, dance, or your workout regimen is a great tool to utilize in order to generate advice on getting to your next level.

Credit: Also, let me take some time to acknowledge a friend who sent this to me, Jessika Schweinsberg.

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